Finally, I do train serious visitors though I seek a permanent live-in slave

Finally, I do train serious visitors though I seek a permanent live-in slave

I will be 70 yrs . old, stand 5’10”, weigh 190 lbs., and sport extremely blue eyes with brief hair that is brown some salt infiltrating the pepper]. I happened to be a member that is associate of Hellfire Club, and Excelsior MC in new york, and a previous person in Delta Global plus the NY Renegades. I will often be located in cyber-space as NYMaster2 on Recon, Fetishmen, Fetlife, Rubberzone, X-Tube, BDSMLR, and Collarspace, and I also encourage one to say “hello” if you notice me here. We have, but rarely usage Skype, but will sign in for serious talk.

We currently have a 24/7 alpha servant (danarubbernyc) for 18 years now. I will be nevertheless searching for an extra, real 24/7 live-in servant for cheapest status into the home. The fundamentals: be under 35, ideally 6′ or reduced, height/weight proportional, HIV-negative, solitary, severe, and in a position to commit. To get more details, view my SEARCH that is SLAVE web page.

“we try not to ‘play’. ” what exactly do i love to do? Well, I enjoy difficult learning both leather-based and plastic, plus there is hefty and/or long-lasting bondage, storage space, S/M, suspension, crucifixion, mummification, sensory-deprivation, hoods, position collars, chastity training, flogging, caning, solitary tail, tens units, violet wand, clothespins, cock and ball torture, VA, watersports, breathing control, boot worship, slave-training, dog/puppy training, ponyboy training, and making furniture that is human. Oh, what the deuce, a photo may be worth a thousand terms so, towards the left you will discover a menu of pages specialized in lots of my passions, along with relevant pictures of some favorite sessions. Yes, every picture on this website is an authentic, therefore if you notice a duplicate someplace else, then it’s been ‘purloined’ without my authorization (aside from a few instances where these are generally published with my authorization, and associated text claims therefore). Additionally, a lot of the fabric gear the truth is being used (apart from the hoods) & most of the bondage furniture, suspension system/sling framework, tables and crucifix ended up being created and constructed on my own.

AN EMAIL TO YOUR NOVICE: i am actually quite mild with novices, so do not be frightened down by a number of the pictures. We remember that everyone else had to begin someplace and, most likely, if We posted only photos of dudes in handcuffs and a gag, just how long would We retain your interest?

Some Personal Thoughts

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Through the years, i have met numerous fine fabric and plastic males, along with many great ‘players’. I have additionally met some unbelieveable fakes and phonies (view my brand new REALLY TALL TALES web web page). People, keepin constantly your lies directly is lot harder than simply telling the facts. Test it. It’s always struggled to obtain me personally.

If you’re blinded by flash, design and image, or huge ‘dungeons’ that seem like the within associated with “Mr. S” store or a porn film set, I quickly’m sorry for you personally, since you’re lacking a great deal of exactly just just what fabric is. as soon as had been. You’re additionally almost certainly passing up on a complete large amount of quality training time too! We have numerous friends, as well as some detractors, and that is good. As a vintage saying goes: “Beware of this man that everybody likes, while he most likely doesn’t have character or beliefs.” We have a character. and beliefs, views, and yes, an ego, along side indonesian dating sites a wicked and sense that is twisted of. I am not at all for everybody, and that is since it should really be.

Finally, though we look for a permanent live-in servant, i really do train serious site visitors!

In the event that you enjoy that which you see, go ahead and drop me a line, but know upfront, I simply do not have curiosity about 1 – 2 hour “hit-and-run” sessions tailored to your agenda. Which makes me feel similar to a “Service Top” than a real Master that trains serious guys who is able to do 5 hours to 3 times of pressing your limitations and checking out your kinks (in addition to mine!)

In the event that you are PARTNERED, do not require training or if perhaps i’ll beat up the man you’re dating in front side of you. It’s not going to take place.

If you’re enthusiastic about a lot of gear and exactly how very very long you will be held in exactly how many of my products, move ahead. We are maybe maybe not really a match.

I shall NOT cold-call any telephone figures until we have chatted online or through e-mails at the least times that are several therefore do not ask.

NEVER visited me personally locked in just about any kind of chastity unit. We’ll put you right away. Whether or not it’s some of the plastic “CB” products, We’ll cut from the plastic lock post. but still throw you out! Got it?

Rather than, EVER deliver me personally the message: “Free tonight?” it’s not going to take place, therefore do not bother.

BUT: in the event that you look for in order to become a Master’s home, to call home to provide, please, and obey Him without respect to your own personal pleasure, or get some good severe training from a professional, Old Guard Master then, go ahead and, DO contact me! Add your stats and picture together with your email contact. I really do never react to email without a photograph (together with your face!) and complete information that is personal.

Desire to contact me personally?

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